Saturday, August 27, 2016

You don't wanna mess up your artwork

That is my kind of love-making. 

Treating her body as a canvas, 
selecting all colours very carefully, 

paying special attention to all the shades the canvas will be subjected to; keep the brush strokes gentle where and when necessary. 

But do give up the delicacy from time to time. 
And when the artwork begins to take form, 
complement it with some tongue-work. Be consistent. Be involved with your masterpiece. 
You do not wanna mess up your artwork, for this is the one which looks best when wet. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Wolf

Text in the picture:

Zealously passionate;
A wild beast lurking in the woods, 
I am.

Pervasive darkness;
An all-consuming abyss,
I am.

Chaos within;
Mad love, accept me for the Wolf, 
I am.

I have always loved wolves. I do not quite know, why I developed this peculiar affinity with them, or how I relate myself to them. I just love them. Perhaps, for no reason at all, or, perhaps, for some reason which I may discover later in my life.

P.S. Anyway, have a look at my piece of art and rambling. Feel free to post your critical comments.

#TheNorthRemembers #WinterIsComing #AllHailTheStarks

Monday, November 16, 2015

The blind can see.

Pardon me, young lady, for I am a blind person.
I am unfortunate to not being able to see your beauty;
But I can touch.

I wish to imagine the locks of your hair,
And the voluptuous curves that you have.
The sweet symphony that your body plays,
And the words that your lips say.

Allow me, O'beauty! For I do not wish to die like this.
Let me cherish the goodies for a few moments of eternal bliss.


Monday, November 24, 2014

This Social Experiment will change the way you think in less than 4 minutes.

Recently, I went through this video my friend had shared with me on WhatsApp. Although, it happens very rarely that I get moved or touched deeply by watching a short video, because in a short time limit it takes a lot of skills and artistic execution to get your message through in the most appealing manner possible. However, these two guys, who run OckTv on YouTube, literally nailed it by carrying out this 'social experiment'. 

I am sure that every one of us faces this situation in our everyday life. And, we normally look down upon such people, plus some us of even rebuke them harshly which is not an appropriate reaction to someone who's hungry. I am confident that this video will change the way you think. :) 

Courtesy: OckTv.

Friday, July 11, 2014

For a pearl. - II

I think, in every poet's life there comes a moment when his pen never stops writing about a person who he finds special, lovable, and worthy of writing for. 
And, when he finds that person, he puts words on paper to express in part, thoughts from him right to her heart.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

For a pearl.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A courtesan.

Intoxicating smoke,
And glittering lights,
A beauty dances,
And they stare her with shameless eyes.

Her reluctant moves,
Her selfless soul,
Her empty face,
What a miserable life; they unfold.

Look, how her feet dance and sway,
Crushing beneath them her dignity,
Look, how her eyes speaks the words she won’t say,
Telling the tale of her life; fallen prey to masculinity.

P.S. We look down upon those women who are a part of prostitution but, we do not want to fix the conditions which compel them to resort to such an evil act.